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  • Kate Gaul

And then the Rodeo Burned Down - Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

And then the Rodeo Burned Down

The Space – Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Xlohe Rice and Natasha Roland from NYC present “And then the Rodeo Burned Down” – hell! But this ain’t their first rodeo! These gals made their Edinburgh Fringe Debut in 2022, receiving the prestigious Fringe First Award for Outstanding New Writing, followed by a run at the historic King's Head Theatre in London. As they say on their website, they put their “blood, sweat, tears, blood, tears, and more blood into everything we create, so we hope you find us as funny as we find ourselves”.

This is a queer comedy clown story about a clown who wants to become a cowboy. And a cow. And rodeo. It’s good. Everyone else can tell you what the story is (and you should go see it yourself) so I’m not going into detail about Dale the rodeo clown and aspiring cowboy. Or Dilly Dally the shadow (yeah, what is that?). It’s good ‘ol singin’, dancin’ and a heap a good actin’ thrown in. Physical theatre, clowning, storytelling, kissing and cuddling - this show has it all.

The show is tightly choreographed and scripted even when it appears a bit rough around the edges. It has such a light touch that it often feels like virtuosic improvisation and that’s the point. It eventually becomes absurdly meta, and the audience is on the edge of seats. Like the characters, the performers now jostle for independence inside the structure they have created for themselves. Is this a piece about writing you own queer story, claiming your identity and independence, being true to yourself? This is a big-hearted love story and permission to burn it all down!

“And then the Rodeo Burned Down” is a breath of fresh air and a testament that if you put your heart and soul into something you can surprise yourself!

Kate Gaul


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